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10 years ago, we decided to change aged care Tall Trees Care Communities were born

(above) Click to watch a short video from one of our Founders, Phil Usher

Dedicated to something better

My partners and I have worked with an ethos over the last 10 years that guides how we make decisions: ‘if it’s not good enough for our mums, it’s just not good enough.’ So, we created a third alternative to staying in the big home or moving to an aged care facility. We believe this is how you deserve to live.

Phil Usher, Tall Trees Co-Founder

Control, independence & dignity are at the heart of what Tall Trees is about.

Independence, control & care

The most important goal of ours at Tall Trees is making sure that every resident continues to live their life as they want and is able to enjoy the best possible health every day. Upholding the simple things like your independance, your control and the freedom to come and go are at the very heart of what Tall Trees is about. There are currently over 250 residents across five Tall Trees Care Communities who are enjoying their elderly years with the dignity and respect they deserve.

Watch Videos

(above) Click to watch a short video about the attention to detail at Tall Trees.

Thoughtfully designed

We wanted Tall Trees Care Communities to be special, so we set about building them in a way that showed this. Our communities are designed to be homely and comfortable, but have all of the necessary safety and mobility features to ensure residents are able to live life to the fullest—with a peace of mind they didn’t have before.

Alan Powell, 
Tall Trees Co-Founder

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