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Easy to understand & affordable pricing We’ve worked hard to deliver value to you

(above) Click to watch a short video explaining the costs at Tall Trees.

We’ve made the costs simple

Understanding the funding schemes for different aged care facilities can be tricky, which is why we’ve made our model simple: you purchase your home, and then pay for the level of care you require on a weekly basis. And that’s it. If your needs change, you can simply change your care level to suit.

Phil Usher, Tall Trees Co-Founder

Included in your weekly costs are all of the following:

  • 24 Hour Emergency Call
  • Onsite Nursing Staff 24 hrs 7 days per week
  • Therapy Assistant for Rehabilitation
  • Regular comprehensive Health Assessment for all Residents
  • Wellness Program includes 1/2hr face to face care, 1/2hr observation
  • Breakfast, Morning Tea & Supper 7 days per week
  • Family consultation with Nursing Team as needed
  • Visual checks on residents on regular basis
  • Council Rates
  • Council Water Levy
  • Building Insurance
  • External Building Repairs
  • External Pest Control (12 monthly)
  • On site Garden / Maintenance Person 5 days / week
  • Maintained Grounds / Lawns
  • Community Electricity
  • Cleaning of Common Areas
  • Receptionist / Concierge 7 days per week
  • Administration / Management
  • Fully Managed Activities Program
  • Outdoor Facilities
  • Leisure Centre Facilities
  • Shuttle Service to local Shopping Centre
  • Gated Security / Surveillance Security

Did you know…
Government funded packages (HACC, CACPS, EACH etc.) can be used at Tall Trees. These services do not effect weekly pricing or the amount of care that Tall Trees delivers.

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